14 al 18 de Febrero 2018

Dojo Stara Wies – Polonia

The tradition continues…


International Traditional Karate-do Seminar

Winter Gasshuku 14 – 18 February 2018


We are happy to announce “2018 – year of Sensei Nishiyama’s legacy”. It is a very special time because in this year is the 90th anniversary of Sensei Nishiyama’s birthday and the 10th anniversary of his passing away.

In 2018 WTKF is going to organize traditional karate-do seminars which will be conducted by the most experienced instructors who have developed this martial arts together with Sensei Nishiyama for many years.

The detailed calendar of events of “The year of Sensei Nishiyama’s legacy” will be announce by WTKF very soon. The upcoming International Traditional Karate-do Seminar Winter Gasshuku will be inaugural event. The following instructors were invited to conduct this very special seminar: ILIJA JORGA Soke 10 DAN (Serbia) and NELSON CARRION Sensei 7º DAN (Uruguay/France/Spain).

Ilija Jorga – university professor, doctor of sports medicine, executive President and Founder of World Fudokan Federation (WFF) in 1980. Repeated medallists of European and world championships. The pioneer of karate of SFR Yugoslavia, which was on a very high technical level in that time with more that 200 thousand practitioners.

Ilija Jorga is one of the most experienced traditional karate-do instructor on all over the world. He began to engage in karate in 1959. His first instructor was his elder brother – Vladimir Yorga, and later he developed his karate-do under Tetsuji Murakami, Taiji Kase and Sensei Hidetaka Nishiyama.

Ilija Jorga has been dedicating all his life to develop traditional karate-do worldwide, also in Poland. In 1976 he conducted in Poland first DAN examination. 8 people passed it. He supported Kwiecinski’s participation in World Championships in Lima, Peru in 1990, which was a milestone in traditional karate-do development worldwide.

Ilija Jorga is a man of renaissance, artist, sculptor and the author of many books.

For a few years WTKF and WFF have been building the common platform. The aim of this is further traditional karate-do development.

Nelson Carrion – General Secretary of World Traditional Karate-do federation, General Director and Founder of Traditional Karate Do Institute (TKI) in 1997.

He is an examiner, international WTKF judge and traditional karate-do instructor with many years of experience. He has been training since 1978. He conducted the courses and seminars in: Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica, France, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, South Africa, Spain, Swizerland, Tunisa, Uruguay and USA.

Nelson Carrion has participated in many traditional karate-do courses and seminars, conducted by Sensei Nishiyama as well.

He is cofounder and co organizer of many traditional karate-do organizations all over the world including: Uruguay, Brazil, Argentina, Costa Rica, Spain,France, Panamá, Tunisia.



14 – 18 February 2018 (Wednesday – Sunday)


Japanese Martial Arts and Sports Centre Dojo – Stara Wieś“ Address: Stara Wieś 1, 97-570 Przedborz


Traditional Karate Federation of Poland

90-057 Lodz, Sienkiewicza Street 85/87 phone/fax: + 48 42/632-85-79, phone: + 48 42/632-97-59 e-mail: pzkt@karate.pl., www.karate.pl


WŁODZIMIERZ KWIECIŃSKI Sensei 8 DAN (Poland) – Gasshuku coordinator

President of World Traditional Karate-do Federation (WTKF) Chairman of Traditional Karate Federation of Poland

ILIJA JORGA Soke 10 DAN (Serbia)

Founder and Executive President of World Fudokan Federation (WFF)

NELSON CARRION Sensei 7º DAN (Uruguay)

General Secretary of World Traditional Karate-Do Federation (WTKF), General Director and instructor of Traditional Karate Do Institute (TKI)

Verona – Italia

Coordinador Sensei Carlos De Marco 5ºDan TKI

Marzo 2/4 2018

Scuola Messedaglia. Stradone Provolo 53. San Bernardino- Verona


6/8 Abril 2018- Castellbisbal-Barcelona – España

Irkutsk Rusia TKI Seminar and Dan Examinations 

April 26 & 27 – 2018

Conference at the University and TKI Certificates of  University Instructors

The Traditional Karate Do Institute is promoting the academic part in this event and cooperating at the tournament in the educational part to show the Budo principles inside the attitude of the competitors.







   143000, Московская область, г.Одинцово, ул. Маршала Жукова, д.38     тел./факс 007 (498) 602-38-43

                                                                                                                           e-mail: TKIrussia@yandex.ru

Re: 2nd International Traditional Karate Tournament “KUMITE EVOLUTION CUP” dedicated to
“The year of Sensei Hidetaka Nishiyama’s legacy” in Russia, Irkutsk, April 25-30, 2018.

On behalf of the All-Russian Traditional Karate Federation I have an honor to address you with a request to include the 2nd International Traditional Karate Tournament “KUMITE EVOLUTION CUP” (is dedicated to “The year of Sensei Hidetaka Nishiyama’s legacy” in Russia, Irkutsk, April 25-30, 2018) in the official WTKF calendar.

This tournament with its sophisticated idea of “KUMITE EVOLUTION” can be a unique “lab” to develop and spread “training Kumite” rules to use in international children competitions. It’s widely known that the absence of this kind of competition is one that is being used in criticisms towards the WTKF activities and has a negative influence on the popularity of WTKF competitions for children.

Together with the tournament a seminar conducted by Sensei Nelson Carrion 7º Dan will be held. Lots of participants from Siberia and Central Asia will have an opportunity to take a closer look at Sensei H. Nishiyama’s legacy. That can be a beginning of a New era of the WTKF development in Asia.

It’s worth being noticed that Irkutsk is one of the likeliest points to spread the WTKF influence and activity throughout the Central Asian and Far Eastern regions. Already by now we have a provisional agreement from the teams of China and Mongolia to come. Supported by the WTKF, the All-RTKF Department in Siberia with its energetic leader Pyotr Neupokoev has a real opportunity to become a center of attraction for Central Asian countries such as Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan or Uzbekistan.

April 25 (Wednesday) arrival
April 26 (Thursday) meeting with the city authorities, Traditional Karate seminar
April 27 (Friday) meeting with the educational authorities, seminar and Dan test
April 28 (Saturday) International Traditional Karate-do Tournament (children)
April 29 (Sunday) International Traditional Karate-do Tournament (adults)
April 30 (Monday) sightseeing (Lake Baikal, “the Pearl of Siberia”)
May 1 (Tuesday) departure